lighting design

Lighting can make or break any great design, let me help add the feeling you want from any space whether it be dramatic, ambient, or task lighting to create a symphony of your space.


  • ​Whether it be Interior and exterior lets make the structure illuminate in the way it should.


  • ​As a full lighting consultation firm let's pick the right products for any space.


  • ​Make sure its the most quality design with architectural lighting plans, including wiring/dimming diagram and detailed fixture schedule.


  • ​No great lighting design is complete without final adjustments of all luminaires to ensure their performance and beauty will last.


  • ​Have a lighting plan or just need some advice on existing lighting? No problem! I would be happy to review it, to ensure you get the best design. 

​​Interior design

Interior Design can be a difficult thing. Don't go at it alone. As a team we can collaborate and imagine your perfect dream interior and bring it to life.


  • ​It's great to have your own vision, lets get things started off right. I want to know your plans and envision the space with you for the best results in the end. Available for both remodel's and new construction.


  • ​Lets put it on paper and work out all the details. We can work out the space planning, architectural drawings and elevations all to envision the design together.


  • ​From furniture to finishes, all is available for selection. It brings the design to life while we work through the exact details to achieve your design goals.


  • ​Furniture, cabinets and everything else to make your design come true. I can design it and have a professional build it.

​PLAN Assistant

  • Already have a plan or idea? Let us review and ensure that you are completely satisfied with your design plans.